The Mist

The Mist is a psychoactive energy field that fills the ether of the Final Fantasy worlds. It responds to thoughts and emotions, both deliberate and unintentional. It allows the working of potent magic, but it is also capable of affecting the local weather, and transforming beasts who live too long in it. It is certainly responsible for the unsettling tendency of dead bodies to walk once more.
Where the Mist runs deep enough, you can even see it with your own eyes, a shifting rainbow hued fog that reflects and refracts images, and distorts distances. Mist concentrations such as these are rare, and potentially very dangerous. The Mist reacts to the thoughts of those within it, as well as acts upon them, and should those thoughts be violent, the Mists themselves can turn violent.
But even on an ordinary level, heroic characters are affected by and can affect the Mist. Mages may wield powerful magics, but the Mist is a boon to all who call upon it, even at an unconscious level.

Mist Points

Mist points represent a character's knack for using the magical energy inherent in the world (Mist) to aid her actions. A character need not be Mist born to use Mist points; they represent the presence of the Mist in the world, and though some call it luck, others believe that it is the will of the Mist that grants a person aid. For a Mist-sensitive character, it represents a conscious decision to call upon the Mists for assistance. Characters who are not sensitive to the mists don't realize what they are doing on a conscious level, only that they are trying hard to succeed.

Gaining Mist Points

You get 5 Mist points at 1st level. When you gain a new level, you lose any unspent Mist points from the previous level but gain a number of Mist points equal to 5 + one-half your new character level (rounded down). Some prestige classes grant a higher number of Mist points at each level.

Using Mist Points

On your turn, you may spend a Mist point as a free action to add a +4 bonus to a single attack roll, skill check, or ability check. You can do this once per round. At 8th level, when you spend a Mist point, you instead add a +5 bonus; at 15th level, you add a +6 bonus to your roll. This is summarized below:

Character Level Mist Bonus
1st - 7th +4
8th - 14th +5
15th+ +6

Some talents, magical spells, and feats require you to spend a Mist point to activate. In addition, if you are a Mage, you may spend 1 Mist point as a reaction to return a single spent Mist point to your active suite of spells.
Also, if you are reduced to 0 hit points and would be killed, you can spend a Mist point as a reaction to avoid death and instead fall unconscious.
Unless noted otherwise, you can only spend 1 Mist point per round.

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