Characters can win or lose credits by betting on swoop races or playing games of chance, such as sabacc and jubilee. Use these rules whenever a character plays against the house, gambles against other characters, or takes his chances on games of pure chance.

Gambling against the house: When gambling against the house, such as when playing the jubilee wheel or betting on the outcome of a race, you must declare how many credits you want to wager as your stake. A Wisdom check determines whether you win or lose, and by how much.

Wisdom Check Result Wins or Losses
5-9 Lose entire stake
10-14 Lose half of stake
15-19 Win stake x2
20-24 Win stake x5
25 + Win stake x10

Gambling against Other Characters: When gambling against other opponents, including GM characters and other heroes, each participant declares an amount to wager and makes a Wisdom check. The character with the highest result wins; if two participants are tied for the highest result, they split the winnings. Each participant other than the winner compares his check result against the winner's result, using the difference in scores to determine how much money is deducted from his stake and added to the winner's take.

Difference Change in Winnings
1-4 Break even; keep your entire stake
5-9 Give 1/2 of stake to winner
10 + Lose it all; give entire stake to winner

Games of Pure Chance: When you play a game of pure chance, Wisdom checks never come into play. Simply roll a d20 and consult the chart below.

D20 Result Outcome
1-15 Lose entire stake
16 Lose half of stake
17 Break even; keep entire stake
18 Win stake x2
19 Win stake x5
20 + Win stake x10
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